Equipment List

Belt, Tan with Snakebit and Water Purification Pouches

Binoculars, Red

Boat, Flat-bottomed, with Motor

Boots, Short

Camera, Movie Style

Camera, Small, Handheld

Canteen with Belt Clip

Cap, Black, Watch

Chest, Orange, with “Jungle Expedition” Lid



Flare gun

Jacket, Short-sleeve Camouflage Jungle

Kit, First Aid, Red

Light, Blinker Code

Machete with Sheath

Net, Cargo

Pants, Black

Pants, Camouflage

Pants, Tan

Radio, Jade

Radio, Yellow

Raft, Black, without Oar Loops

Rifle, Brown and Gold, Hunting

Shirt, Camouflage

Submachine Gun, .45 caliber (“Grease Gun”)

Sweater, Black, Turtleneck

TNT, 3 sticks

Trap, Animal

Wire, Black Roll

Equipment List

Afros & Armalites robo robo